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Sing it Dolly

While Malcolm X viewed the “white press” as more or less a lost cause its coverage remained largely negative until the day he died he nevertheless engaged it and, at times, outsmarted it. The public’s trust of and faith in visual media, and its dominant role in shaping public opinion, made it a powerful outlet for reaching his target audience: African-Americans disillusioned with the mainstream civil rights movement.


Today I wore this shirt to school. Not ten minutes into first period I got called down to my principals office and was asked to change my shirt. I was told by the assistant principal that teachers may see my shirt and go off on a tangent from the lesson to talk about it. God forbid we talk about real issues in the world. The principal thought that “people may perceive it as a challenge” to the announcement she made the day before about girls not being allowed to wear short shorts or shirts that expose their midriff. I wasn’t in school that day and had no clue about the announcement. Every girl that i showed the shirt too said it was ridiculous. I checked the school handbook and the dress code and the only offense of my shirt is that it may be “”“distracting”“” The only reason I didn’t fight back on this issue was because its so close to graduation and I don’t want to risk my graduation being taken away from me. I’m not going to be spent though, I’m already making plans for a new shirt for tomorrow.

It’s ridiculous that the only response you got from this was somebody Telling you HowTo Dress

Secret’s out


things that mental illness is:

  • real
  • complex
  • everywhere

things that mental illness isn’t:

  • lazy
  • fake
  • a punchline
  • an insult
  • a ticking time bomb
  • the plot of a horror movie
  • an afterthought

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, 1970s

Happy Birthday, Lynda Carter!



loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

isn’t capitalism fun


#antifa #Palestine